How SmartRupee picks which funds you should invest in

One of the biggest parts of the service we offer our clients is fund selection. We do not just help you calculate how much you need to be saving, and which asset classes you should invest in; we actually recommend specific funds for you to invest in, and then we actually

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How much should I plan to spend on my children’s weddings?

Why have we included this section? Surely, a wedding is not as important, as say a house, or retirement, or even college. This is not even your own wedding – it is your child’s wedding.   Obviously, the people who think this way are not Pakistani.   A typical wedding in Pakistan is over the top

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How to devise a plan for my children’s education

Do you want children? Ultimately, this is a question for you and your partner to decide. But should you choose to opt for having children, you should be aware: educating them, particularly up to a college level, is going to be an expensive proposition. And as we have stated elsewhere, the more expensive

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