You’re richer than you think you are.

Secure your financial future through a combination of smart planning, regular savings, the right investments, and patience. SmartRupee can help you achieve your financial goals.

You’re richer than you think you are. We’ll help you get there.

Secure your financial future through a combination of smart planning, regular savings, the right investments, and patience. SmartRupee can help you achieve your financial goals.

Save first, and you can freely spend later

Most people tell you that the key to saving is to control what you spend. We disagree. Our tools will help you calculate how much you need to save, and you can freely spend the rest of your income.

Make your money go to work for you.

Your money needs to be deployed in inflation-beating assets so that you can get richer over time. You worked hard for your money. Now make your money work harder so that you can get richer faster.

Welcome to goal-oriented investing.

We help you save for the things that matter to you, without you having to make the complicated calculations for how much you will need.

Control your risk.

Our tools automatically manage your investment risk by diversifying your portfolio across different investments, asset classes, and even asset managers to optimise your risk-adjusted returns.

Automate your savings.

The best way to save is not have to think about it. We will help you set up accounts that will automatically move money into your investment accounts so that you do not have to worry about the hassle of saving.

Invest with trusted names.

We help you invest in the best investments, managed by some of the best-known companies in Pakistan with the best long-term track records.

How it works (and why it is free)

SmartRupee has taken the power of financial management principles and distilled it into a proprietary algorithm that we used to deliver personalised financial advice to you.
We ask you a small number of questions about your personal finances and your goals, and then we calculate how much you might need to achieve each goal. We then break down each individual goal into a simple, monthly payment to keep you on track.
That monthly payment is invested in mutual funds, managed by some of Pakistan’s most experienced fund managers with the best track records, making the power of regular investing and compounding work for you.
At SmartRupee, we also believe that financial advice should remain affordable, and we offer our services for free.


Education center

Learn more about investing and personal finance, and how to apply those concepts to your personal lives. Discover the details of how SmartRupee works, and how you can improve your financial life with your existing income.

Upholding high legal and ethical standards

SmartRupee is owned by Elphinstone Pakistan, a company that is currently in the process of registering itself as a licenced Securities Adviser with the Securities and Exchanges Commission of Pakistan (SECP). The company offers investment products and services managed by companies that are also licenced asset
management companies, duly registered and regulated by the SECP.
Our holding company – Elphinstone, Inc. – is headquartered in New York and is in the process of becoming a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). That will obligate the company to uphold the fiduciary standard: meaning we will be legally obligated to put
our clients’ interests above our own.

Track your finances on your phone

Coming soon, SmartRupee will offer its customers the ability to monitor their savings and investments on smartphone apps, both on Android and iOS phones.

Track the performance of your investments on the go, make additional investments, and withdraw funds as and when you need them, all with the ease of a few clicks on an app.